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What's Needed to Run Background Checks?

With a few minimum pieces of information provided by your applicant, you'll be able to run a comprehensive background check suited to your needs.

Many people have different ideas of what is needed to run background checks. On top of that, there are different opinions about what is acceptable to ask for when running checks. At the very minimum, most background checks will require the name of the applicant, their date of birth and their social security number. This information is obtained on the release form provided by Backgrounds Online, which the applicant signs when they agree and give permission to have a background check run on them.

Other items needed to run background checks may include the applicant’s address, driver’s license number, former employment, the schools they attended and any licensures or credentials obtained. The more information needed to do the background checks is dependent on how extensive of a check the employer wants to complete.

Aside from obtaining the information needed to run background checks on the release form provided by Backgrounds Online, the other information required can be obtained by the company’s job application as well as the employee’s resume. Once a background check policy is put into place, an employer may want to revise their job application to include the information they need to run background checks on the prospective employee.

Should an employer not want to ask for identifiers, or an applicant is hesitant to provide that information, such as the date of birth or social security number, Backgrounds Online provides a very simple solution wherein the applicants can call their information directly and securely. The identifiers are then never disclosed to the employer, during or after, the background check is run.

Required basics for a successful background check.


  • Name of the applicant
  • Social Security #
  • Birthdate

May also be required:

  • Address
  • License #
  • Contact info of former employers/references
  • Schools attended
  • Licensures or Credentials