Colorado Requires Criminal Background Checks for all Medical Marijuana Workers

Medical marijuana is a growing business where the rate of expansion is requiring state regulators and lawmakers to enact laws and mandates to govern individuals and businesses that make up the industry.

Colorado marijuana regulators have now initiated a requirement for individuals working at medical marijuana dispensaries as well as vendors to undergo criminal background checks.

The Colorado State Department of Revenue has started issuing licenses to individuals that are employed by businesses selling marijuana. These workers have until July 1, 2011 to provide a background check proving a clean criminal background with a focus on drug-related charges.

States, such as Oregon and Michigan, are working on new legislations and ordinances that widen criminal background checks on individuals employed at dispensaries and caregiver facilities that permit its use.

It’s not just the growers and sellers either. Some states, such as Maine, require background checks for patients seeking medical marijuana as well as caregivers who are authorized to grow it for the individuals they are taking care of.

Wherever you stand on the issue, it’s obvious that as this particular industry continues to grow, it will require the same type of pre-employment screening applicable to any other type of profession.

By enacting pre-employment background checks on the vendors and consumers it will go a long way to deter criminal exploitation.