Backgrounds Online Celebrates 20 Years

Service. Security. Solutions. See why we’ve been a top provider of background checks for two decades.


We’ve spent twenty years fine-tuning our service-oriented approach. Our polite, friendly staff is prepared to answer your questions, offer assistance and guide you through the screening process. We’re here for you, Monday – Friday from 5am to 5pm PT via phone, email or live chat.


Over the last two decades we’ve seen a sharp increase in compliance-related laws. We work hard to stay up-to-date on federal and state regulations that impact your business. Turn to us for background reports that provide current, accurate and reportable data.

Trust & Security

We help you establish an environment of trust and security. Keep your company secure by ensuring that applicants meet your education and employment requirements. Build trust by checking for serious criminal convictions and other issues on a candidate’s report.

A New Worldof Background Screening

We've seen numerous changes to our industry during the last twenty years. And we’ve made great strides to not just keep up - but to become a leader in the world of background screening. Our team has built a solid reputation for two decades by offering:

Economical Screening Solutions

We cater to businesses of every size. We'll help you create a screening package that suits your needs and your budget.


Our robust API empowers you to order reports directly through your internal system. And we offer advantageous services like applicant self-submit, status updates and more.

Data Security

To demonstrate our commitment to data privacy, we voluntarily underwent a SOC 2 audit. Our report contained no exceptions, which shows we adhere to a high standard of data security and confidentiality.


We create monthly newsletters, weekly blog entries and other resources to keep you informed about laws that impact your business, background screening trends and other important topics.
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