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Expedite Your Screening Process During The Pandemic

April 28, 2020

Backgrounds Online can help your organization hire quickly and efficiently during the pandemic so you can continue to meet customer demands.

Applicant Self-Submittal

Before starting any background check, a Consumer Reporting Agency needs a full name, date of birth and other details that help identify the subject. Backgrounds Online empowers your organization to have the people you screen send their information directly to us. Our Applicant Self-Submittal tool saves time for your human resources department and helps prevent data entry errors that could cause unnecessary delays.

If you’re screening multiple people, take advantage of our bulk invite feature. This proprietary technology can send hundreds of background check invitations in just a few minutes. Benefits of this service include:
• The people you want to screen are notified instantly.
• Every applicant sees and must sign federally mandated disclosure and authorization documents along with any required state notices.
• All documents are signed and saved electronically.
• Once we receive an applicant’s information, our team starts processing their background check right away.
• If we need additional information, we have a direct line of communication with the applicant.

Set Your Email Preferences

When you create an account with us, you can visit your Profile page to manage email preferences. We offer useful notifications, including:

Applicant Submission. When you use our self-submittal service, we notify you the moment an applicant completes the process so you know their background investigation is underway.

Applicant Summary. This email shows you which applicants have not yet submitted their information to us. You can send a follow-up screening request to any candidate as a reminder.

Order Submitted. If you provide an applicant’s information yourself, this email confirms we received your order.

Report Completed. You will be notified when every background check is finished and ready to view.

Review And Update Your Hiring Policies

With social distancing and related laws in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19, now is a good time to review your hiring and screening policies. Your organization may need to make temporary addendums as you bring on people during the pandemic. You can cover questions such as:
• If a background check component will be delayed, will you make hiring decisions based on the information that is available?
• If you hire someone after reviewing a partial background check and later learn the candidate has a conviction, how will you handle the re-assessment process?
• If a conviction is potentially disqualifying, are you prepared to initiate the federally mandated adverse action process before terminating employment?

Consult with legal counsel regarding policy updates related to the pandemic. While some regulations for employers have been modified to help businesses function, every organization must still comply with federal, state and local laws.

Keep In Touch

Backgrounds Online partners with our clients throughout the hiring process. We are working remotely and available via phone, email or live chat Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm PT. Our team is also developing educational resources to help employers navigate through these difficult times:
Get information about court closures.
Learn about hiring remote workers.
Read recommendations gleaned from PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) webinars: See part 1 / See part 2.
Connect with us on LinkedIn.

Running Background Checks

Background screening remains essential for every organization that brings on employees, contractors or volunteers. Our team can help you customize background check packages, find educational resources and accelerate your process during the pandemic and beyond. When you are ready to begin, please contact us for expert assistance.

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