Hiring Remote Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic​

March 24, 2020
To maintain operations and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many employers are building a remote workforce.
Backgrounds Online | March 24, 2020

To maintain operations and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many employers are building a remote workforce.

A Telecommuting Staff

As businesses around the globe develop plans on how to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, many are opting to employ remote workers. This may become even more common as social distancing policies spread throughout the United States and abroad.

Human Resources professionals can oversee their entire hiring and onboarding process online. They conduct video interviews, use training software and request background checks from accredited Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

Today’s technology empowers employers to find and hire people from other states and countries. These tools also make it easy to manage an entire workforce without the need for in-person contact. Employers can use them to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

This might be a major change for many hiring managers. It is important to prepare for success.

Interviewing Tips From Experts

CNBC published an article about recruiting remote workers. They included some great interview tips from experts at Glassdoor and Modern Hire:

Be Thorough. Review resumes and other relevant information in advance. Prepare questions for each candidate. Familiarize yourself with the program(s) you’ll use to conduct online interviews. Make sure the candidate’s resume (and any other documentation) is close by when you begin so you can reference it during your conversations.

Avoid Distractions. All the participants in an interview will likely be at home. Before you begin, remove or shut down potential distractions such as cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Having a clear, quiet workspace will help ensure the proceedings are smooth and professional.

Promote Your Brand. Give each candidate a consistent message about your brand, company mission and values. This will help them understand your operation and determine if they might be a good fit.

Allow Time. It can be easy to miss pauses and other social cues when communicating online. Give people time to take in your questions or comments and respond.

If conducting interviews online seems like a challenge, try a few practice runs with a colleague or friend first. With a little time and effort, this method of communication will become second nature.

Background Screening Candidates

During these difficult times, running background checks remains an essential part of the hiring process. Employers can request and review background reports:
- Online
- From their preferred Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
- Via XML

CRAs, such as Backgrounds Online, will continue to provide essential data that helps organizations build strong teams and maintain safe working conditions. It is important to note that some of the services CRAs utilize regularly are currently unavailable. To help you keep up with court closures and other circumstances that affect the entire background screening industry, please check our regularly updated blog entry: COVID-19: What To Expect From Backgrounds Online.

We’re Here For You

As we all attempt to navigate the many changes that are brought on by COVID-19, the team at Backgrounds Online remains dedicated to providing superior service and products. If you have questions about screening remote candidates or anything else related to background checks, please contact us for expert assistance.