Get Credit, Workers Compensation, FACIS®, Motor Vehicle And Other Searches

Backgrounds Online offers comprehensive background check packages and additional searches you can include as needed. Add these searches to properly screen applicants for any position.

Employment Credit Report

Employment Credit Reports are commonly used for candidates who might handle cash or manage financial transactions. They provide an overview of the individual’s credit history.
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Drug Screening

Get 5 panel Drug Screening for new hires, or 10 panel Drug Screening for employees who might be promoted. We’ll help you find screening facilities in your area.
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Motor Vehicle Record Search

This report shows you an applicant’s license class and status, infractions and other details. They can also confirm that a person has the proper license to operate any vehicle.
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OIG Sanctions Search

Some people are not eligible to work in the medical industry. This report shows you if an employee or applicant is on a list that denotes they may not participate in federal healthcare programs.
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A FACIS® report shows you if a candidate is eligible to be employed in the healthcare industry. Backgrounds Online offers all 4 levels of FACIS® reports.
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