COVID-19: What To Expect From Backgrounds Online​

Last Updated: July 27, 2020
We’re doing everything possible to provide essential screening services while keeping our team safe during this difficult time.
Backgrounds Online | Last Updated: July 27, 2020

Last Updated: July 27, 2020
We’re doing everything possible to provide essential screening services while keeping our team safe during this difficult time.

How Backgrounds Online Is Operating

Like every business, we’re working hard to keep up with the rapid changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we will be impacted, our goal is to continue to provide superior service, limit personal risks for our team and adhere to federal, state and local guidelines. We are currently:

  • Allowing members of our team to telecommute.
  • Monitoring the status of courthouses and third-party data providers.
  • Following all best practices recommended by the CDC and other reputable organizations.
  • Updating this blog entry as needed to keep you informed.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Records Delayed

Employees at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Transportation (DMT) will work remotely until at least March 31, 2020. They will be unable to process motor vehicle record requests during that time.

The DMT hopes to resumes standard processing of motor vehicle record requests on March 31.

Current Court Closures

New closures will be highlighted in yellow.

County State Date of Closure Length of Closure
Washington AR 06/09/2020 Unknown
Contra Costa CA 07/08/2020 Unknown
El Dorado - Delayed CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
Humbolt CA 03/25/2020 Unknown
Imperial - Delayed CA 04/20/2020 Unknown
Kings CA 04/27/2020 Unknown
Los Angeles - Delayed CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
Marin - Delayed CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
Mendocino CA 06/23/2020 Unknown
San Francisco CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
San Joaquin - Delayed CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
San Luis Obispo - Delayed CA 03/20/2020 Unknown
San Mateo - Delayed CA 05/21/2020 Through 05/21
Santa Clara CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
Shasta CA 07/08/2020 Unknown
Solano CA 07/08/2020 Unknown
Tulare CA 03/17/2020 Unknown
All Counties - Delayed CT 03/26/2020 Unknown
District of Columbia DC 03/23/2020 Unknown
Bibb GA 07/08/2020 Unknown
Berrien GA 04/03/2020 Unknown
Bryan GA 07/08/2020 Unknown
Clayton - Delayed GA 03/16/2020 Unknown
Clinch GA 04/03/2020 Unknown
Cobb - Delayed GA 03/19/2020 Unknown
Coweta - Delayed GA 03/19/2020 Unknown
Dougherty GA 07/08/2020 Unknown
De Kalb GA 03/30/2020 Unknown
Fayette - Delayed GA 04/01/2020 Unknown
Fulton GA 03/10/2020 Unknown
Gwinnett - Delayed GA 03/19/2020 Unknown
Hall GA 06/25/2020 Unknown
Hancock GA 03/25/2020 Unknown
Henry GA 07/02/2020 Unknown
Johnson GA 03/25/2020 Unknown
Lanier GA 04/03/2020 Unknown
Newton GA 03/19/2020 Unknown
Richmond GA 03/19/2020 Unknown
Walton GA 04/02/2020 Unknown
Ware GA 07/06/2020 Unknown
Cook - Delayed IL 03/23/2020 Through 05/01
All Counties KY 03/17/2020 Unknown
Orleans - Delayed LA 03/30/2020 Delayed
St. John the Baptist LA 03/23/2020 Unknown
All Courts MA 03/16/2020 Unknown
All Courts MD 03/16/2020 Unknown
Allegan MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Cass MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Crawford MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Eaton MI 03/17/2020 Unknown
Gladwin MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Kalamazoo MI 03/17/2020 Unknown
Macomb MI 03/19/2020 Unknown
Mecosta MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Midland MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Missaukee MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Monroe MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Montcalm MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Muskegon MI 03/17/2020 Unknown
Newaygo MI 05/28/2020 Unknown
Oakland MI 03/19/2020 Unknown
Ogemaw MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Osceola MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Otsego MI 07/08/2020 Unknown
Saginaw MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Sanilac MI 03/25/2020 Unknown
St. Joseph MI 03/30/2020 Unknown
Van Buren MI 03/20/2020 Unknown
Washtenaw MI 07/08/2020 Unknown
Adams MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Bolivar MS 07/22/2020 Unknown
Hancock MS 07/24/2020 Unknown
Harrison MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Itawamba MS 07/09/2020 Unknown
Jackson MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Leake MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Lee MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Prentiss MS 07/09/2020 Unknown
Sunflower MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Tallahatchie MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Tate MS 07/16/2020 Unknown
Lewis and Clark MT 04/07/2020 Unknown
All Courts NC 03/16/2020 30 days
All Courts NJ 03/17/2020 Unknown
Albany NY 03/18/2020 Unknown
Clinton NY 06/09/2020 Unknown
All Courts PA 03/26/2020 Unknown
All Courts PR 03/31/2020 Unknown
Bradley TN 06/04/2020 Unknown
Coffee TN 06/10/2020 Unknown
Lake TN 06/30/2020 Unknown
Wayne TN 07/09/2020 Unknown
Dallas TX 06/24/2020 Unknown
Braxton - Delayed WV 03/25/2020 Unknown
Hampshire WV 03/25/2020 Unknown
Harrison WV 03/25/2020 Through 05/15
Lewis WV 03/25/2020 Unknown
Roane - Delayed WV 03/25/2020 Unknown
Upshur - Delayed WV 03/25/2020 Unknown

Business Disruptions

In addition to court closures, many businesses have temporarily shut down or decreased hours at this time. This can affect our ability to obtain verifications from employers and educational institutions.

While it is not possible to create a list of businesses that are currently disrupted, if you submit a verification request that we are unable to complete, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Screening Solutions

When any service we utilize shuts down, we will notify all affected organizations and work with them to continue service with limited disruption. Our goal is to continue to provide comprehensive background screening services to you, our valued partners.

Contacting Us

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we will endeavor to provide our high level of fast, friendly and professional service. You may contact us from 5am to 6pm PT via email and live chat.

We are also available at 800-838-4804 from 7am to 4pm PT.

If we have any changes to our hours of operation, we will update them here immediately.

Thank You

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented situation.

Stay safe and thank you for visiting Backgrounds Online.