Background Checks
for the
Government Agencies

Finding Qualified Candidates Saves Time And Money

Government agencies tend to promote from within, which often results in unfilled entry-level positions. Finding people for these jobs can be surprisingly difficult. When you have new candidates, you'll want to be as certain as possible that they are qualified and likely to stay long-term. Screening your applicants helps you find eligible people and make educated hiring choices. Backgrounds Online offers Custom Background Checks that can be tailored to any position in your office.

Avoid Risk When Hiring Government Employees

The best way to avoid risk when hiring government workers is to learn everything you can about potential employees. First, verify the individual's identity, employment history, and education. It's also advisable to run a PEER Credit report, which offers insight into the candidate's credit and payment histories, shows bankruptcies and provides other relevant facts. The hiring process can be slow for government agencies. Backgrounds Online helps you expedite your search and reduce risks by giving you the facts you need to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks

Government workers are likely to have access to personal information about residents in their local city. That makes it crucial to run authoritative criminal background checks on every applicant. Backgrounds Online offers a full array of criminal screenings, including county, nationwide and federal searches, Terrorist Watch List Search checks and a Sex Offender Registry Search. Use them to verify that applicants do not have a criminal history that could bring embarrassment and scandal to your office.

FCRA Compliant Background Checks For Government Employees

When screening people for government positions, it is essential to follow relevant federal and state regulations. That includes using legal methods to obtain information about a candidate, making sure you're only considering relevant facts about the person's background and establishing fair and consistent hiring policies.

Backgrounds Online is FCRA certified and NAPBS accredited. We will work with you to provide authoritative background checks that can be used to screen people for any type of position. If you have questions, contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance.
Background Check
for Government Agencies
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Government employees are held to high expectations. To help you find qualified people for these positions, Backgrounds Online recommends a Custom Background Check.

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