Background Checks for the Construction Industry

A Labor Shortage Necessitates Fast Hiring

One of the biggest issues the construction industry faces is a labor shortage. When you find skilled candidates, you must move quickly. Backgrounds Online expedites this process. We confirm the applicant’s identity immediately, check education, employment and references promptly, and give you the fastest turnaround time possible. Rely on our dedicated team for accurate reports that help ensure you don’t miss out on qualified candidates.

Confirm Licenses For Construction Workers

Depending on the type of worker you’re hiring, they may be required to hold a specific type of license. This might relate to a particular skill that will be used on the job or a class of license that allows them to operate heavy machinery. Our team verifies licenses so you will know for sure if a candidate has the skills and authorization to handle all their on-the-job duties.

Criminal Background Checks

Prior to extending an offer, you may wish to check a person’s history for criminal records. This is done to see if the candidate has something in their history that could negatively impact your business. Backgrounds Online offers a wide assortment of criminal background check services. We’ll help you find records that were filed at local, state or federal courts. Run a complete criminal screen to protect your business, assets and other employees.

Suggested Construction Background Checks

Entry Level
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  • Social Security Number Trace
  • 7-Year County Criminal Court Search*
  • 7-Year Federal Criminal Court Search*
  • National Criminal Database
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Terrorist Watch List Search
  • Wants & Warrants Search
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  • Entry Level Package +
  • 3 Employment Verifications**
  • 1 Education Verification**
* Up to 5 counties/districts. Additional county court fees may apply.
** Additional third party verification fees may apply.
Construction Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I get background checks for administrative workers?

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