Background Checks for the Real Estate Industry

Safety Considerations When Hiring Agents, Appraisers And Contractors

People who work for or with the real estate industry are likely to enter customer’s homes, give people rides and have close interactions with the public. Before you authorize anyone to have such direct and personal access, it is imperative to address safety concerns with a criminal background check. Our reports include state, nationwide and federal criminal checks, plus searches of the national sex offender registry. Use these components to find out if the people you might hire have records you should know about before extending an offer.

Avoid Risk And Protect Your Investment

Many positions in the real estate industry require specific licenses and certification. Whether your company is hiring agents, contractors or other personnel, you should be certain they are eligible. Our background reports include Reference Verifications, License and Credential Verifications and other critical services. They show you if a person is qualified, and give you a concise overview of their past. Every person you hire is an investment. You’ll train and onboard each one, so it’s important to do everything possible to make sure they are suited for the job.

Annual Screenings

A lot can happen during the year. Your employees could go through experiences that can have a negative impact on your business. We recommend annual screenings for people in the real estate industry. Use them to see if someone who works for you has a new traffic violation or criminal record that might disqualify them from continued employment. Backgrounds Online makes it easy to manage annual screenings. We’ll schedule reminders, provide the necessary forms and documents, and provide a fresh overview of your staff each year.

Suggested Real Estate Background Checks

Backgrounds Online offers annual screenings that check for more than 100 offenses. The person who is screened will receive a Pass or Fail grade based on the results. We did not establish the scoring process, but we can adjudicate disputed results if necessary. To set up annual screenings, please contact us.
* Up to 5 counties/districts. Additional county court fees may apply.
** Additional third party verification fees may apply.
Real Estate Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you confirm that my applicants have the necessary licenses for the job?

A: Yes. We offer verification services to ensure that potential employees are fully credentialed and eligible for employment.

How do I sign my employees up for annual screenings?

A: Annual screenings show you if a current employee incurs a new criminal record, traffic violation or other mark on their record during the year. If you would like to schedule annual screenings for your employees, contact us for assistance.

Real estate agents often transport their customers. What's the best way to ensure they maintain a clean driving record?

A: Background checks can include a Motor Vehicle Record Search, which shows you an individual's license status, infraction or convictions, accidents and other important information. Include this feature in the initial screening and follow-up screenings.

If I've already hired someone, is it too late to run a background check?

A: No, you can request a background check on someone after you've hired them, but there are specific laws that govern what you can and cannot do. Backgrounds Online recommends consulting with your legal counsel when running checks on people after extending an offer.

Do I need to background check administrative personnel?

A: We suggest screening every person who might work for your company. A background check is the best way to review someone's history, find out if they have a criminal record and get other important facts that help you make important and legally compliant hiring decisions.

Backgrounds Online provides customized screening solutions for your specific needs. Get expert assistance today.