Why Backgrounds Online?

​We help you create a fair, transparent screening process so you can make informed decisions, maintain a safe workplace and protect your brand.

Superior Customer Service

Most of our customers never leave. Those that do, usually return. That’s because we provide truly dedicated service – the kind we like to receive. Our staff focuses on customer service and makes you our top priority. Experience the Backgrounds Online difference for yourself.

Education. Experience. Elevation.

We are FCRA certified, industry educated and PBSA accredited. Rely on our experience and expertise to elevate your screening process to new heights. We’ll help keep your company compliant so you can make informed hiring decisions that benefit your brand. Our staff is educated on industry best practices to give you an unrivaled edge over your competition.

Complete Customization

There are many ways to build a background check. Reports that are perfect for some positions are not right for others. We offer fully customizable reports that are perfectly tailored to every position you need to fill. We’ll help you build and save packages that you can use every time you’re hiring.

The Backgrounds Online Approach

At Backgrounds Online, we have 5 Core Beliefs. They drive us to deliver comprehensive, FCRA compliant reports that empower you to make educated hiring decisions.


Backgrounds Online is your employment screening partner. We provide unsurpassable customer service that truly sets us apart. Turn to us for dedicated account managers who are trained and educated to help you throughout the screening process. Have questions? Need assistance? Contact us today.


We've developed and enhanced our products for nearly two decades. Choose one of our convenient preset packages, or create a Custom Background Check. We have industry specific tools you can leverage, and an expert staff that can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Client Education

Laws that govern the screening industry change frequently. Our team keeps up with current regulations and is dedicated to helping you remain compliant and safe. We regularly create blogs, newsletters and other resources to educate you on new and changing laws that impact your industry.


We balance modern security protocols and staff procedures to assure the safety and protection of all personally identifying information utilized during the background screening process. Our proprietary systems help establish a safe and secure online screening experience every time.


Employment background checks must be FCRA compliant when used to make hiring decisions. Backgrounds Online keeps up with city, state and federal regulations in our constantly evolving industry. We work diligently to keep our clients in compliance so you don't have to worry about delays or complications in your hiring process.

Backgrounds Online provides compliant background checks that help you make informed decisions, create a safe workplace and protect your brand.