Background Checks for the Insurance Industry

Insurance Companies Face Hiring Issues

The insurance industry is constantly in need of people. It can be difficult to find personnel for all your staffing needs. That makes it even more important to employ eligible, reliable candidates. If you skip the background screening process, you may hire someone who is not qualified to represent your company and end up terminating their employment. This leads to yet another time-consuming hiring phase. Reduce the hiring issues you already face by properly screening people before extending offers.

Credential Verifications For The Insurance Industry

When a customer calls their insurance agent, they've probably endured a difficult or painful experience. Insurance professionals work with people who were involved in accidents, victimized by criminals or subjected to personal loss. Your customers count on their representatives to be knowledgeable, credentialed individuals who can help during difficult times. We provide Credential Verification services that ensure your applicants are qualified for the job.

Are You Taking Unnecessary Hiring Risks?

Hiring someone without a background check can cause multiple issues. You could hire someone who is not qualified, does not have a necessary license or has a serious criminal record. Thoroughly screening candidates before making a final offer is paramount. Backgrounds Online confirms identities, verifies education, licenses and employment, and notifies you of reportable criminal records. You can also request an Employment Credit Report for relevant positions, in order to learn about the applicant's financial history.

Suggested Insurance Background Check

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  • Social Security Number Trace
  • 7-Year County Criminal Court Search*
  • 7-Year Federal Criminal Court Search*
  • National Criminal Database
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Terrorist Watch List Search
  • Wants & Warrants Search
  • 3 Employment Verifications**
  • 1 Education Verification**
* Up to 5 counties/districts. Additional county court fees may apply.
** Additional third party verification fees may apply.
Insurance Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer ongoing drug screening services for insurance personnel?

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