Background Checks
for the
Notary Industry

Background Screening For Potential Notaries

Anyone who wants to become a Notary must pass a background check. There are screening regulations that vary by state and others that are standard nationwide. For example, to become a Notary you cannot have a felony conviction for a crime that involves moral turpitude. Backgrounds Online is a leader in the Notary screening industry. We'll help you develop a screening package that is compliant with federal and state laws anywhere in the U.S.

Annual Screening For Existing Notaries

In addition to the initial background check, existing Notaries should undergo annual screenings to determine whether or not they remain eligible for employment. Backgrounds Online offers annual Notary screening services that are fast and easy to complete. Our team will send out advance notifications that inform each person it is time for their annual screening. Notaries must then confirm and give their consent. Once that is complete, the screening process can begin.

The Point System For Annual Screenings

We provide annual screenings for Notaries that search for more than 100 possible offenses. Each offense has a set point value. Some, such as traffic violations, incur a small number of points. Larger violations produce more. Once all offenses are scored, a final value is assigned. Backgrounds Online can adjudicate the results, if necessary, but we do not establish or update the scoring process.

FCRA Compliant Background Checks For Notaries

Backgrounds Online is fully compliant with all FCRA regulations and Signing Professionals Workgroup (SPW) background screening standards. The SPW recommends annual screenings for various reasons, including the fact that Notaries may have access to confidential information, and their jobs often require them to spend time in various offices and private residences.

Whether you are screening potential Notaries, or someone who has been in the business for years, it is essential to ensure complete compliance with all regulations. Backgrounds Online has trained screening professionals who keep up with new and existing rules that govern this industry.
Background Check
for the Notary Industry
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Due to the nature of their work, Notaries are held to personal and professional standards. Backgrounds Online has the knowledge and experience to screen Notaries and ensure they maintain eligibility.

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