Background Checks
for the
Education Industry

Employment And Credential Verifications For Educators

You're likely to receive numerous resumes for every faculty position. You cannot assume each person has the required education and credentials. When you find people who appear to be qualified, it is crucial to perform due diligence and run background checks. Our specialists confirm whether or not a candidate is appropriately licensed for the position to which they are applying. Hiring someone who is not qualified could be a costly mistake for your facility.

Safe, Cautionary Hiring In The Education Industry

We've all seen stories about educators who had serious criminal records, including sexual offenses. And we ask ourselves – how could this happen? The sad answer is that they were not properly screened. It is essential to thoroughly check everyone who will work at any educational facility. Run a comprehensive criminal background check on potential teachers, coaches, cafeteria staff and anyone else who applies for a position in the education industry.

Annual Screenings

Backgrounds Online recommends annual screenings for people in the education industry. They show you if a current teacher or faculty member incurred a new criminal record during the previous year. Annual reports also inform you of any new traffic violations on a person’s record, which is essential for anyone who transports students. Rely on annual screenings to help you determine whether or not your staff remains eligible for employment.

FCRA Compliant Background Check Services For The Education Industry

When interviewing and screening candidates, keep in mind that only FCRA compliant background checks can legally be used to make hiring decisions. It’s worthwhile to have written documentation that discusses your screening policies for every type of position. Each one should be fair and consistent. Once you have that, it’s also advantageous to review your policies periodically and update them as needed.

Backgrounds Online gives you the ability to build FCRA compliant screening packages that are suitable for teachers, administrative employees and any type of position you need to fill. Pre-employment background checks are a crucial investment for your organization, students and existing staff. If you have questions or need assistance, contact our expert screeners today.
Background Check
for the Education Industry
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Hiring for the education industry can be difficult, but finding people who are qualified, certified and trustworthy is essential. We’ll help you develop background check packages for any position you are filling.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, contact our background screening experts today.