Background Checks
for the Non-Profit/
Volunteer Industry

Make Safety A Priority

People who are part of non-profit organizations, including volunteers, may work with individuals who have been victimized or are in need of assistance. Protect the people you are committed to helping by running criminal background checks on everyone who might work with you on a paid or unpaid basis. We've all heard horror stories about charities and non-profits that inadvertently hired people with criminal records - including registered sex offenders. Make safety a priority and screen all potential employees and volunteers.

Flexible Screening Packages
For Volunteers

The kind of background check you need will be determined by the responsibilities of each volunteer. For example, people who will drive while on duty should have a Motor Vehicle Record Search. Anyone who will work with the public should have a criminal background check and drug screening. Backgrounds Online offers flexible screening solutions. We can customize a background check package that suits your needs and budget.

Finding The Right Employees
And Volunteers

Non-profit organizations often have trouble finding qualified employees and volunteers. You may not have many candidates, so it is essential to select people who are likely to stay with your organization. When you bring someone on board, you'll spend time and money training that person. Screening your top candidates helps you make the best decisions and avoid additional searches for new people. Background checks confirm a person's identity, show you their employment history and inform you of relevant criminal records. Use them to identify the most eligible individuals for any position.

FCRA Compliant Background Check Services

When you work in a non-profit organization or volunteer industry, you look for ways to save money. While it may be tempting to cut corners when screening potential volunteers or paid employees, doing so could be illegal. You can only use FCRA compliant screening methods to make hiring decisions for employees or volunteers.

Backgrounds Online is FCRA certified. We only use allowable screening techniques and only include legally reportable information on our reports. We'll guide you through the screening process to ensure you remain fully compliant throughout.
Background Check
for the Volunteer/
Non Profit Industry
What if I can’t afford to screen my volunteers?
Do I need to screen people who won't interact with the public?
What if potential volunteers will not give consent for a background check?
Can I speak to someone about the type of screening package I'll need?
You rely on your volunteers to fulfill their responsibilities and uphold your organization's good name. Make sure you find the right people to represent you and help the people you serve.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, contact our background screening experts today.