Getting Started:

How much does your service cost?

We offer a variety of background check options from discounted pre-set packages to custom solutions. Our packages typically range from $29.95 up to $99.95 per applicant. If you’re in need of a customized background check to meet your needs, we price each search independently for maximum flexibility and value.

A one-time setup fee of $100 is required to establish an account with Backgrounds Online. However, this fee is waived if a minimum of $49.95 worth of orders are placed within 30 days of account setup. One of our sales professionals and HR experts would be happy to build an exact quote based upon the precise searches you need to run.
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Are there any monthly fees?

There are no recurring fees at Background Online. Clients are only billed for actual searches.
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Are there a minimum number of searches I am required to run?

No, Backgrounds Online does not require clients to submit a minimum number of searches. Whether you submit one or one thousand, we're happy to work with you.
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What information will I get?

Backgrounds Online offers a wide variety of pre-employment screening searches. Through our website, and with your applicant's permission, you can obtain Motor Vehicle Record Search, criminal searches, Employment and Education Verification, Employment Credit Report, and much more. While specific reportable information varies by locale and jurisdiction, Backgrounds Online always reports the most complete and accurate information legally available. Our background screening specialists are happy to discuss the best way for you to obtain the information you're seeking, you may contact us here, or give us a call at 800-838-4804.
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How quickly can I get started?

Your account with us can be up and running within a few business hours! Start screening today.
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How do I submit a background check?

Once you have the disclosure and release signed by your applicant, simply login to our secure website to initiate the background check. You can input the data yourself or take advantage of our Applicant Self-Submittal feature which will direct your applicant to our website to sign the release electronically and submit their identifying information to us. Either way you submit your reports, an email notification will go out to you upon completion of a background check, letting you know it’s time to retrieve and review your results.
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Using Our Services:

I don't have a business, can I still use your service?

Respecting the sensitivity of the information we provide, Backgrounds Online only works with verified businesses looking to screen their applicants. One noteworthy website that provides background checks to the public is: Public Background Checks.
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Does the applicant need to give his/her consent?

Yes, applicants must sign a disclosure & release before you submit them for screening. Backgrounds Online provides legally compliant release forms for its clients.
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How quickly do I get results?

Over 90% of our background checks are completed in one to three business days. Our team will notify you if a component of your background check is expected to go beyond our average turnaround time. Ask our sales professionals for information on the precise searches you need to run.
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Are criminal results obtained directly from the courts?

For the most accurate information, we highly recommend utilizing a County Criminal Court Search when searching for criminal records. With this search we check for records on your applicant directly at the county courthouse. We do have database driven searches available as well, which we recommend to efficiently expand the scope of your searches.
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What do I do if you find a criminal record?

Simply review the results and decide whether or not you want to hire the applicant given the information obtained from their background check. If you decide not to hire the applicant, it is necessary to give him/her a pre-adverse action letter, an adverse action letter, and a copy of the Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Backgrounds Online provides all of these forms at no charge to our clients.
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What paperwork do I need to perform a background check?

In order to conduct a background check, you simply need to have your applicant sign a disclosure and release form. Backgrounds Online provides this form to you upon setup of your account and we have all the most up to date compliance documents available to you on your account.
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What do I do if I have a question?

Our customer support staff is happy to answer your questions. We are available to you via phone, email and live chat. Click here to choose the contact method which is most convenient.
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Do you invoice your clients?

Yes. Invoices are only sent at the first of the month when a balance is due. Please contact a sales professional to learn more about our other convenient payment methods.
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General Questions:

Is the information I submit secure?

Your information is absolutely secure. Backgrounds Online places the utmost priority on data security and encryption. Clients login to our encrypted website protected via 128-bit SSL certification. All of our internal networks are fully firewalled from each other and from the Internet.
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How do I request a copy of my report?

You may request a copy of your report from the company with which you've applied. Additionally, if you were provided with notification of your background screening within the last 60 days, you are entitled to a free copy of your report from us. To do so, please submit your request in writing and include the following:

Backgrounds Online will send your complete report via certified mail to the address you have provided, your signature will be required upon delivery. You may submit your request to:

Backgrounds Online
1915 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
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Can I perform checks after I hire an employee?

Of course, but you need written authorization from the employee. Many firms find it advantageous to run a fresh background check prior to promotion or reorganization. And some firms perform annual background checks on a pro forma basis as part of an employee security and safety policy.
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Do you screen tenants/loan applicants/nannies?

No. Due to the differing laws, Backgrounds Online specializes in screening employees, both new hires and current.
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Can you provide me with my personal employment history?

No. Employment history does not exist in a database for public record outside of a government agency such as the IRS or the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, we are unable to provide background checks for personal use.
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