Background Checks
for the
Medical Industry

Don't Hire People Who Are Not Eligible

Most positions in the medical industry require specific levels of education, training and licensing. Hiring someone who is not qualified could lead to improper care being administered. We recommend a custom screening package that includes either FACIS® or an OIG/SAM Sanctions Search search. These reports show you if an applicant is prohibited from taking part in federally funded healthcare programs. An extensive criminal background check should also be run on every candidate.

Protect Your Investment With Annual Screenings

Due to the sensitive nature of most medical positions, Background Online recommends annual screenings. These reports inform you if the people who work at your facility incur new criminal records, and help ensure that everyone on your staff remains eligible for employment. Rely on background checks to protect your most important investment: the people you hire to save lives and represent your brand.

Create The Right Screening Package For Medical Employees

The medical industry offers an array of careers and job opportunities. It is important to establish standards and hiring practices for each one. If you are not consistent with screening and other practices, you are taking unnecessary risks. Backgrounds Online offers highly customizable background check packages. Create your own or contact us for help, then save your packages and use them again for upcoming hiring needs.

FCRA Compliant Background Check Services

Healthcare providers work with people who may be sick, hurt or vulnerable. They are often called upon during life or death situations. The decisions they make in the line of duty can dramatically impact the lives of patients and their families. It is essential to screen every candidate and ensure they have the necessary education, licensing and backgrounds for such significant positions.

Medical facilities should develop a set of screening and hiring standards for each position. Use those standards to build appropriate background check packages at Backgrounds Online. We are FCRA certified, so you can be assured that we'll provide reliable and legally compliant screening services every time.
Background Check
for the Medical Industry
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There are many complex hiring regulations within the medical industry. We'll help you verify that your applicants are qualified and keep your screening process compliant with regulations for the medical industry.

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