Background Checks
for the
Manufacturing Industry

Plan For Safety When Hiring Manufacturing Employees

People in the manufacturing industry may be called on to operate heavy equipment. In the wrong hands, this could create a dangerous environment, which makes it crucial to hire qualified people who respect and follow essential safety standards. Backgrounds Online provides employment and reference verifications, plus comprehensive drug screening services. We'll help you make the best choices when looking for clear-headed people who help create a safe working atmosphere for everyone.

We Expedite Your Hiring Process

When hiring for manufacturing positions, you are probably inclined to move as quickly as possible. There are a limited number of eligible workers available, so you'll be eager to make offers and attract top talent before they accept positions elsewhere. Backgrounds Online is your partner in this process. We offer fast turnaround times and services such as Applicant Self-Submittal, which allows your candidates to submit their own background check and facilitate the screening process.

Save Money And Protect
Your Hiring Investment

When you bring someone on board, they go through a training period that is costly, but essential. You'll spend time and money preparing new hires for a long-term future in your company. Before you extend any offer, let us help with your due diligence by verifying the applicant's identity, checking their employment history and searching for criminal records. A background check is a small, worthwhile investment that saves you money and protects your business.

FCRA Compliant Background Checks For The Manufacturing Industry

Did you know that it is essential to only use FCRA compliant background screening practices while making hiring decisions? You cannot legally screen manufacturing candidates on your own by checking them online or reviewing their social profiles.

Backgrounds Online is certified by the FCRA and accredited by the NAPBS. As a Consumer Reporting Agency, we are fully authorized to run employment background checks and issue reports that help you make hiring choices. We'll ensure you remain compliant with federal and local laws that cover the manufacturing industry.
Background Check
for the Manufacturing Industry
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Do I need background checks for administrative personnel?
What screening services do you offer for employees who will drive large vehicles on the job?
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There are many jobs available in the Manufacturing industry. The screening package you require can vary by position. We'll help you find the right one for all of your hiring needs.

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