Background Checks
for the
On-Demand Industry

Plan For Safety

On-demand workers have unprecedented access into the lives of their customers. We’ve all heard horror stories about crimes committed by unscrupulous service providers. These cautionary tales, which range from robbery to assault and murder, remind us it is urgent to thoroughly screen candidates and look for safe, dependable people. Backgrounds Online provides criminal searches that show you if a person has anything noteworthy on their record. We also offer drug screening services to help verify the people you work with are as reliable and trustworthy as possible.

Find Qualified Candidates With Our Flexible Screening Platform

The on-demand industry offers a wide array of employment opportunities. Your contractors might give people rides, deliver products or perform an assortment of in-home services. Backgrounds Online provides a highly flexible screening platform. Our site makes it easy to build custom background check packages for any on-demand position you offer. Start with a basic screening package and add the reports you need, or build one from the ground up that you can save and use again for future hiring cycles.

A Smooth Screening Experience For Your Applicants

There are many opportunities for people seeking employment in the on-demand industry. That makes it crucial for your company to develop a quick and efficient hiring process. This includes background screening, which is an essential component. We make it easy to initiate background checks for your candidates. Our intuitive process and fast turnaround time encourages applicants to work with you instead of one of your many competitors.

FCRA Compliant Background Checks For The On-Demand Industry

The on-demand industry is different than other business models, but it must adhere to FCRA and other regulations that apply to the background screening process. It is beneficial to create and document screening practices that will be followed for every candidate. Because laws that govern the industry are likely to change, it’s equally important to review those practices and update your documentation as necessary.

Backgrounds Online has professional, FCRA certified screeners with advanced experience in developing compliant screening packages for all types of on-demand workers. If you need assistance when building your background check packages, contact us for expert assistance.
Background Check
for the On-Demand Industry
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On-demand is a growing and exciting industry that is under a lot of scrutiny by the media and public. Make sure your business follows all federal and state regulations and avoids risk throughout your hiring process.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, contact our background screening experts today.