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Benefits Of Recurring Screenings In The Pandemic And Beyond

June 9, 2020

Employers can help maintain safe workplaces as they reopen and continue to do business by implementing recurring background screenings.

What Is A Recurring Screening?

A recurring screening is a service that empowers organizations to run follow-up background checks on their enrolled employees. These reports can show an employer if someone on their staff incurs a new conviction of which they should be aware, is added to a sex offender registry or has other updates that might make them ineligible for employment.

Employers can create custom background check packages for positions with differing responsibilities. For example, if an employee must have a particular license, their background screening package can include a license verification. To maintain fairness, human resources professionals are encouraged to run the same type of background check on everyone who has a similar job description.

New background check investigations can occur annually or at any other preferred interval. Once they are scheduled, each employee will automatically be re-screened at the selected time. It’s also quick and easy to remove an individual who is no longer employed so they are not screened again.

Benefit For Reopening Businesses

As organizations reopen and bring back furloughed employees, they will likely run new background checks. Employers who have implemented recurring screenings can easily manage this process for their returning workers. By updating the “next screen date” for each person, a manager can help ensure background checks are completed before their staff comes back to work.

When organizations utilize Criminal Monitoring Solutions, they can schedule screenings for everyone who has already undergone a pre-employment background check. All the information required to initiate a background screening, such as the employee’s name and date of birth, is available in advance. This save times and prevents the need for manual data entry, which allows employers to focus on reopening businesses that have been closed for weeks or months.

A Perpetual Edge

After a business is up-and-running again, re-screening employees regularly provides several advantages. By signing up for ongoing screenings, an organization:
• Demonstrates continual due diligence.
• Shows they have an abiding commitment to the safety of their customers and staff.
• Can learn if a worker incurs something on their record that might warrant an adverse action, such as termination of employment.
• Creates a fair and transparent workplace.
• Gains a simple, expedient method for screening workers on pre-determined dates.

Running Background Checks

When you’re hiring new employees or bringing people back to work after a furlough, running comprehensive background checks is an essential part of the process. Recurring background checks are equally important. The team at Backgrounds Online can help you customize screening packages that are appropriate for any position in your industry. We can also help you setup and manage regular screenings for every member of your workforce.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us. We are working remotely and available to help you via email, phone or live chat. We’re here to provide unparalleled service Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm PT.

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