Illinois Passed A New Law For Rideshare Drivers

August 21, 2018
The state is requiring applicants for rideshare jobs to provide more information during the background screening process.
Backgrounds Online | August 21, 2018

The state is requiring potential rideshare drivers to provide more information when going through the background screening process.

About The Law

Illinois House Bill 4416 (HB 4416) requires people who apply for rideshare driver jobs to provide specific data points to prospective employers. This includes their full legal name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth in addition to the information that was already required. Applicants must also list any commonly used nicknames or aliases.

Previously, applicants only had to supply their:
· Address
· Age
· Driver’s license number
· Motor vehicle registration
· Automobile insurance liability

HB 4416 will make it easier for rideshare employers to run accurate and authoritative background checks on job seekers. It also stipulates that transportation network companies shall not hire any individual who has “been placed on court supervision, within the past 7 years, for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

The law was put into effect on July 1, 2018.

What Initiated This Change

Businesses that offer rideshare services have been under intense scrutiny. A 2018 investigation by CNN discovered numerous counts of sexual abuse, assault and other criminal activities had been committed by Uber and Lyft drivers. This revelation resulted in stricter and more frequent background screenings for employees and contractors at these companies.

Illinois is one of several states taking steps to create stronger regulations for background screening rideshare drivers. HB 4416 was introduced by Senator Daniel Biss who said “By requiring drivers to provide more than just basic information, ride-sharing companies are now held to the same standard that other licensed transportation services.”

HB 4416 is intended to create safer circumstances for people who utilize the services of rideshare companies. Biss started working on the bill after a rideshare driver in his district was arrested for a DUI while on the job. The driver was already under court supervision for a previous DUI.

Takeaway For Illinois Employers

Businesses that hire rideshare drivers in Illinois should be aware of and compliant with HB 4416. As long as employers are taking steps to follow this law they should have no issues. The bill states that any “transportation network company that reasonably relies on the information provided by an individual shall not be liable for violation of the Section concerning driver requirements.” Failure to follow this law, however, will make the employer liable.

Best practice for employers is to document their screening policies and expectations. If an issue does occur, then they can show they have guidelines in place that include the regulations established in HB 4416.

It is essential for employers to be aware of and compliant with laws that are in effect where they operate. The team at Backgrounds Online strives to keep up with these laws and provide educational resources that can help with your compliance efforts.

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