Lyft Announces Ongoing Background Screening​

May 23, 2019
To help improve internal safety measures, the rideshare company will regularly background screen all of their drivers.
Backgrounds Online | May 23, 2019

To help improve internal safety measures, the rideshare company will regularly background screen all of their drivers.

Lyft’s Announcement

In April, 2019, Lyft posted a blog entry to announce an increased commitment to the security of both riders and drivers. It stated that their goal is to make: “every ride— in a car, on a bike, or on a scooter— safe, comfortable, and reliable.”

Their blog post contained two important declarations. In 2019 they will utilize ongoing background screening services and an improved method for confirming the identity of job seekers. These are essential steps for the company, particularly following a series of terrifying stories about various rideshare operators committing serious crimes while on the job.

Ongoing Background Checks For Lyft

Every potential Lyft driver must authorize and pass a background check. This is a common and essential step for all employers - background screening candidates, volunteers and contractors. Lyft uses a background check package that includes identity verification, various criminal searches and a check on all 50 state sex offender registries.

As of April 2019, the company will also start ongoing screening for their drivers. This service will show them if a current contractor incurs a new reportable conviction. If so, then relevant details can be reviewed to help them determine whether or not the individual remains eligible for employment. Lyft explained that they are doing this to enhance their “ability to detect criminal activity and providing an additional level of safety across the platform.”

New Identity Verification Policy For Lyft

Background checks begin with identity verification. Lyft is implementing a stronger validation process. All potential drivers will be asked to provide a valid driver’s license and one other form of “photographic identity.”

Their goal is to prevent fraud, such as identity theft. In their blog post, Lyft stated that fraud is a rare occurrence for them but they wish to take additional steps to ensure this does not occur. If an applicant is found to have committed fraud; they will be permanently banned from the Lyft platform.

Lyft’s post included other security measures they are following. Read the full entry.

Takeaway For Employers

Every employer is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to protect their customers and the public. That includes watching for candidates who could pose a risk of violence, theft or other crimes. The most important and essential part of this process is running comprehensive background checks that show if the individual has relevant convictions.

Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber received a lot of scrutiny and negative press for not having tougher security measures to protect customers. These are prime examples of why every employer must have authoritative vetting and background screening practices that are followed at all times.

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