The NAPBS Is Now The PBSA​

September 24, 2019
To demonstrate their commitment to global background screening best practices, the NAPBS announced a name and logo change.
Backgrounds Online | September 24, 2019

To demonstrate their commitment to global background screening best practices, the NAPBS announced a name and logo change.

What Is The PBSA?

The PBSA is the Professional Background Screening Association. It is the same organization as the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Their updated name is intended to reflect the “boundaryless nature” of the industry and show they are a “truly global association.”

This change was announced on September 9, 2019 and became effective immediately. The organization also has a new logo that symbolizes their global reach. Members of the NAPBS have been diligently working towards this goal for years. A final vote on their updated bylaws and membership structure occurred at an industry convention held in San Antonio, Texas. Voters also overwhelmingly approved and applauded the new name and logo.

What This Means For Employers

Background screening has become an increasingly global effort. Employers can take advantage of international background checks when searching for the best people to build strong teams. Before hiring someone who resides in another country or a U.S. citizen who lived overseas for an extended period of time, it is important for employers to perform due diligence by running criminal and other international searches.

The PBSA is committed to ensuring a high level of background screening integrity on an international level. Employers can rest assured that Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) which are accredited by the PBSA have proven they meet the standards established for compliance, product quality, business practices and other key areas.

What This Means For Us

Backgrounds Online has been accredited by the NAPBS for many years. In 2019, we are voluntarily undergoing a new and more stringent audit to maintain our accreditation. We’re doing this to show our dedication to operating with integrity while complying with all relevant national and international background screening laws and best practices.

Our team produces compliant background checks that employers can rely on when they want to find well-qualified employees, contractors or volunteers; create safe work environments; and perform due diligence.

We are also active within the PBSA. Members of our team participate in monthly best practices calls, attend PBSA conferences and continue to be leaders in the background screening industry.

Global Background Screening

PBSA Chair Bon Idziak spoke about the recent changes: “The new PBSA brand speaks to our ability to transcend borders and symbolizes our modern approach to screening, privacy, and data security, and the technology our industry embodies.”
Melissa Sorenson, Executive Director of the PBSA is excited about this change and added that the PBSA already has a “significant international footprint” that will continue to grow.

Whether you need international background checks, criminal searches in a single state or fully customized background screening packages, Backgrounds Online can provide you with comprehensive reports that help you make informed decisions. When you’re ready to start screening, please contact us for expert assistance. We are an accredited CRA and every member of our processing team earns their FCRA certification. We’re available to assist you Monday through Friday from 5am to 6pm PT.