FACIS® (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) reports are considered the gold standard for screening healthcare providers.


FACIS® searches are used to ensure candidates are eligible to work in the healthcare industry, and to guarantee compliance in the screening process. There are 4 levels of FACIS® reports:
  • Level 1: OIG, GSA, DEA, FDA, PHS, ORI, TRICARE and OFAC-SDN data (federal only) and Medicare Opt-Out.
  • Level 1M: Level 1 plus State Medicaid sanctions, 42 HEAT sources and 51 AG Notice and Release sources, and state level procurement/contractor debarment sources.
  • Level 2: Levels 1 & 1M plus state-level board / source information for one specified state.
  • Level 3: Levels 1, 1M & 2 and the sanctioning boards from all 56 U.S. jurisdictions across all provider types.

Requirements & Notes

  • The applicant's full legal name, date of birth and Social Security Number must be provided.
  • Average turnaround time is 24 hours.