OIG/SAM Sanctions Search

Use this to see if an applicant is sanctioned and/or excluded from participation in all federally funded healthcare programs including Medicare and Medicaid or from being awarded or participating in federal contracts.


These searches are strongly recommended for every position in the medical industry, even if the person will not provide healthcare services. Hiring a person who is on these lists could result in fines and other penalties. There are various reasons a person might be listed, including:
  • Fraud
  • Patient abuse
  • Licensing board disciplinary actions
  • Failure to repay student loans

Requirements & Notes

  • The applicant's full legal name, date of birth and Social Security Number must be provided.
  • Medical and non-medical personnel (warehouse workers, office employees, delivery drivers, etc.) can be barred from working in the medical industry.
  • Average turnaround time is 24 hours.