Employment, Education, Credential and Reference Verifications

Backgrounds Online has a team that is dedicated to verifying licenses, academic achievements and job experience. They contact professional references and conduct in-depth interviews about your applicant.

Credential Verification

We’ll verify that your candidate has a professional license, certification or credential that is required for the position to which they are applying.
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Education Verification

Our team contacts educational facilities to confirm that your candidate has the proper qualifications, such as degrees, diplomas and online courses.
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Employment Verification

Backgrounds Online verifies an applicant’s employment history, including the dates they started and left a job, official title(s), salary and other details.
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Reference Verification

We conduct interviews with professional references to produce a detailed analysis of your candidate’s job performance, key strengths and weaknesses.
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Workers' Compensation Search

We’ll find out if your applicant has filed a Workers' Compensation claim at any point. If they have, we will provide relevant details about that claim.
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