Ban The Box

Colorado currently does not have a statewide Ban the Box law. These laws are designed to give individuals who have minor criminal records a second chance at employment, reduce the rate of recidivism and expand the applicant pool for job seekers.

Numerous states have passed these laws and additional states, such as CO, could implement their own. If so, the team at Backgrounds Online will update this page so it has the most current and accurate information possible.

Limitations Of Consumer Reports

Consumer Reporting Agencies may not product reports that include:

  • Cases under title 11 of the United States Code, or under the federal bankruptcy act that, from the date of entry of the order for relief or the date of adjudication, predate the report by more than ten years.
  • Any of the following that are more than seven years old:
    • Arrests, indictments or convictions.
    • Suits and judgments.
    • Paid tax liens.
    • Accounts that were placed for collection or charged to profit.
    • Other adverse information.

Employers can only use consumer credit reports if they are substantially related to the person’s current or potential job. They may be used if:

  • The employer is a bank or financial institution.
  • The report is required by law.
  • The report is substantially related to the employee's current or potential job, the employer has a bona fide purpose for requesting or using information in the credit report and the request to run a report is disclosed in writing to the employee.

If an employer wishes to take adverse action based on the results of a consumer credit report, the employer must disclose that fact in writing and list what specifically led to the decision.

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