Effective April 18, 2019

Ban The Box

New Hampshire passed House Bill 253, which creates a statewide Ban the Box law. Employers may not include questions about arrests, charges, convictions or criminal violations on job applications. An employer may inquire about an applicant’s criminal history during or after an interview.

Exceptions are made for positions:

  • In law enforcement.
  • That require a standard fidelity bond (or equivalent) for which a conviction would automatically disqualify the person.
  • Any other position for which a conviction automatically disqualifies a candidate.

Obsolete Information

Background checks that are used by employers to make informed hiring decisions cannot contain:

  • Bankruptcies that are more than ten years old.
  • Arrests or convictions that are more than seven years old.
  • Paid tax liens that are more than seven years old.
  • Other adverse information that is more than seven years old.

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